11 Kitties Who Are Now Wondering If They Are Cats

Sanrio just revealed that Hello Kitty is not a cat and it’s causing existential crises among cats everywhere.

1. “Ever since Hello Kitty came out and said she wasn’t a cat, I’ve been up all night questioning my OWN catdom.”

ID: 3700128

2. “If someone who looks like a cat is actually not a cat, does that mean…I’m not one either??”

ID: 3700123

3. “But who is this in my reflection if not a cat?”

ID: 3700536

4. “Has my entire life been a lie??”

ID: 3700179

5. “Am I actually related to this woman?”

ID: 3700162

6. “I’m searching for answers but they’re nowhere to be found…”

ID: 3700296

7. “But everyone has always affirmed that I am, indeed, a cat.”

ID: 3700599

8. “Why did nobody tell me this is something cats don’t do??”

ID: 3700515

9. “What does any of this even mean anymore?”

ID: 3700517

10. “But if she’s not…am I…a British girl too?”

ID: 3700552

11. “Look, I’ve been a kitty my whole life, I’m not gonna change now.”

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