Bertie The SeaDog Is Making The Mediterranean A Whole Lot Cuter

The ocean never looked so adorable.

1. This is Bertie.

ID: 3330876

2. He’s a true explorer of the Mediterranean seas.

ID: 3330879

3. From April to October, he RUNS this boat.

ID: 3330882

4. (Well, he lives on this boat with his humans)

ID: 3330894

5. He is an incredible watch dog…

ID: 3330885


ID: 3449920

7. …which helps them find the best places and animals.

ID: 3330890

8. His favorite thing to spot is dolphins; his humans “think he can hear them, as he is always aware of them before we are.”

ID: 3450364

9. Safety is very important to Bertie: he always wears his lifejacket at sea and is clipped on to the boat with a safety harness just in case!

ID: 3330904

10. He also LOVES takin’ a break on the beach. As you can see, he wears sand like no other.

ID: 3330895

11. Don’t be fooled by his seafaring ways: he likes to dress up from time to time too.

ID: 3330899

12. And KNOWS how to work the camera.

ID: 3330910

13. But sometimes he just likes pondering on a rock, ya know?

ID: 3330911

14. Basically, he’s the epitome of seafaring cool.

ID: 3330900

15. Here’s to a life of adventure, Bertie!

ID: 3450218

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