17 Animals Who Can Tell You Need A Hug

Everyone needs a good ol’ fashioned hug once in a while.

1. Didn’t meet that deadline? Here’s a hug.

2. Best friend forgot your birthday? Here’s a hug.

3. Ran into your ex? Here’s a hug.

4. Having a bad hair day? Here’s a hug.

5. Feeling generally inadequate? Here’s a hug.

6. You forgot to get a free donut on Free Donut Day? Here’s a hug.

7. Someone cut you in line this morning? Here’s a hug.

8. You don’t know why you feel sad?

10. You just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones? Here’s a hug.

11. You feel like no one “gets” you? Here’s a hug.

12. You think you don’t need love? Here’s a hug.

13. You just rewatched Titanic? Here’s a hug.

14. You didn’t get enough sleep? Here’s a hug.

15. You hungry? Here’s a hug.

16. You just broke your new phone? Here’s a hug.

17. You just really, really need a hug? Here’s a hug.

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