51 Corgi GIFs That Will Change Your Life

Paw by paw, they have made this world a better place.

1. The happy little corg, smiling his way into your heart.

ID: 1529669

2. The guy who just wants to “PLAY PLAY PLAY WAKE UP AND PLAY”

Come on, guy. Seriously? How can you not play with such a pup.

ID: 1529652

3. The corgi mama who can’t baaaalieeeeve her pup pooted so badly.

ID: 1529672


ID: 1529680

5. The Last Great Explorer.

ID: 1531645

6. The corgi who loves the feel of hardwood floors on his tum.

ID: 1532798

7. The scientist, discovering just what a spring does in this world.

ID: 1531720

8. The corgi who is totally cool hangin’ here by himself if you have to run errands.

ID: 1531725

9. The corgi whose life motto is “Treat yoself.”

ID: 1531742

10. The corgi who will do anything for his life, his love, his ball.

ID: 1531746

11. The corgi whose rodeo show will upstage any and all other rodeo shows.

ID: 1531749

12. The corgi who was waiting all day for this moment.

ID: 1531751

13. The two Olympians, training for their big match.

ID: 1531845

14. The second sleepiest corg in the world.

ID: 1531896

15. The water warrior.

ID: 1531925

16. The corgi who has no idea where the hell he is.

ID: 1531934

17. The corgi who is training for the NY Marathon.

ID: 1531949

18. The glider.

ID: 1531997

19. The track guard.

ID: 1532477

20. The acrobat.

ID: 1532015

21. The one who represents you, reaching for your remote.

ID: 1532020

22. The corgi who would win every wet T-shirt contest but would never enter because she respects herself.

ID: 1532039

23. The one who will NOT let his short legs stop him from anything.

ID: 1532488

24. The ones who know getting in shape is easier with a friend.

ID: 1532508

25. The one who every major league team is trying to recruit but he refuses to sign, fearing it would ruin his love of the game.

ID: 1532527

26. The maniac.

ID: 1533260

27. The one who appreciates you! Appreciates you for all that you do!

ID: 1532550

28. The one who risked EVERYTHING for her kin.

ID: 1532642

29. The one who will defeat this tennis ball — oh, he’ll defeat it.

ID: 1532818

30. The one who is waiting for you to notice the surprise he got you.

ID: 1532897

31. The two best friends.

ID: 1533622

32. The magician.

ID: 1533086

33. The Olympic diver, I MEAN LOOK AT THAT STRIDE.

ID: 1533108

34. The one who says what we all think: “ICE, WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO COLD?”

ID: 1533631

35. THE sleepiest puppy.

ID: 1533120

36. The synchronized sleepers.

ID: 1533172

37. The one who refuses to eat healthy.

ID: 1533232

38. The corgi who’s not sleeping, just resting his eyes!

ID: 1533253

39. The one who loves a good tow job.

ID: 1533280

40. The guy who really supports you, no matter the decisions you make.

ID: 1533300

41. The snow bun—er—corgi.

ID: 1533461

42. The one who just needs to sleep off his last meal.

ID: 1533310

43. The corgi who doesn’t know why everyone’s laughing.

ID: 1533347

44. The bowler.

ID: 1533693

45. The gal who loves being a mom but is at her wit’s end.

ID: 1533352

46. The corg who is sick of your shenanigans.

ID: 1533611

47. The (briefly) brave corgi.

ID: 1533354

48. The ice skater.

ID: 1533478

49. The bravest butterball the world has ever seen.

ID: 1533711

50. The GQ model.

ID: 1533573

51. The rap star.

ID: 1533140

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