32 Dogs Who Are Up To No Good

These dogs seems sweet but you can see it in their eyes: they’re nothing but trouble.

1. This dog who hopes if he stares at you long enough, you won’t notice the mistake to his left.

ID: 1480235

2. These very lovely ladies.

ID: 1446004

3. This asshole trying to start a fight.

ID: 1489031

4. This whole family who broke into your house to steal your crepes.

ID: 1479843

5. This punk who has too high of an opinion of youths.

ID: 1445875

6. This dog clearly trying to sell these innocent children drugs.

ID: 1479904

7. This guy who is super good at stealing because he knows to act calm and casual.

ID: 1480030

8. This dog clearly out to steal your job.

ID: 1480067

9. This dog trying to sneak out after midnight.

ID: 1480874

10. This pug who will not allow anyone into his kingdom or onto his slide.

ID: 1488865

11. This dog who plans to make the call from inside the house.

ID: 1489226

12. This dog who just sharted. And loved it.

ID: 1489913

13. This dog who is plotting her revenge on the red-framed one.

ID: 1489948

14. This dog dressed up as a snake to scare you.

ID: 1480975

15. This snaggletoothed lobster who clearly wants to fight you at any chance given.

ID: 1480984

16. This pug who wanted to steal some snacks from the kitchen but you were there and had to ruin it.

ID: 1481009

17. This dog who will blame all of her farts on you.

ID: 1489907

18. This pug who is just waiting for you to leave so he can catch the last pokemon and claim all the glory.

ID: 1488838

19. This expert spy.

ID: 1479911

20. This dog who is upping his anti-bath revolutionary tactics.

ID: 1488848

21. This super sleuth, distracting you so he can steal your wallet.

ID: 1488984

22. Never trust a man in a Speedo.

ID: 1489097

23. This dachshund who employs a “sneak attack” method to get his damn money back.

ID: 1485206

24. This warrior.

ID: 1489560

25. This thief who believes slow and steady wins the race/pizza.

ID: 1489175

26. This dog who will peer into your soul, seeing things that cannot be unseen.

ID: 1489410

27. This chihuahua who will mess.you.up.

ID: 1489570

28. This underage dog who is drunk. Too drunk. Seriously, go home, dog.

ID: 1489918

29. This dog who plans to steal this tortoise’s shell, fully aware of “squatter’s rights.”

ID: 1489944

30. This dog who just put Saran Wrap on your toilet seat.

ID: 1489971

31. This dog who overheard you saying you plan to “eat healthier,” so he raided the fridge for all the steaks before you threw them out, you monster.

ID: 1490010

32. Finally, this Frenchie who will sled at all costs.

ID: 1489185

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