29 Examples Of Animals Helping Their Interspecies Friends

Turns out, love knows no bounds in the animal world as well.

29. This chimp who knew his friend was hungry.

ID: 1246933

28. This mama who stepped up to help out some red pandas.

ID: 1246972

27. Another chimp feeding and burping her tiger child.

ID: 1246957

26. This dog comforting these bunnies after they woke up from scary dreams.

ID: 1247094

25. This corgi leading the ducklings back to their parents.

ID: 1247100

24. This golden representing her client.

ID: 1247135

23. This monkey trying to comfort this pigeon after he got his first speeding ticket.

ID: 1247138

22. This Frenchie mom willing to listen to every single part of her baby boar’s day.

ID: 1247209

21. This couple comforting each other after dropping their son off at college.

ID: 1247200

20. This pup letting this piggie know that it’s OK he lost the game; he put in an all-star effort.

ID: 1247211

19. This dog and monkey helping the environment by carpooling.

ID: 1247213

18. These pigs protecting this goat from bullies.

ID: 1247214

17. This zebra who has chosen to trust this hippo and give him a dental exam.

ID: 1247217

16. This tiger showing this pup how it’s done.

ID: 1247219

15. This seal who knows this penguin needs a hug even if the penguin pretends she doesn’t.

ID: 1255634

14. This orangutan who adopted these babies.

ID: 1256336

13. This duo who decided it was best if they planned their escape together.

ID: 1312351

12. This cat who’s been awake with his heartbroken pal all night.

ID: 1312355

11. This bird who protected this mouse against an eagle.

ID: 1312455

10. This squirrel kissing his friend to make him feel better.

ID: 1312457

9. This cat who knows something’s wrong even if this pup is pretending otherwise.

ID: 1313664

8. This duck and dog who are in a fight but know it’s best to just kiss and make up.

ID: 1314122

7. This chick who came home early from a business trip to surprise this kitten on her birthday.

ID: 1313683

6. This killer whale who just agreed to help this dog elope with his cat (not pictured).

ID: 1314075

5. This cat who didn’t want to come to this party but knew it was important to her girlfriend, the pelican.

ID: 1314069

4. This Great Dane who knows the importance of a little tough love.

ID: 1313690

3. This cat giving this iguana a little pre-photo shoot pep talk.

ID: 1313700

2. This dog taking care of his sister while their parents are out of town.

Richard Austin / Rex / Rex USA
ID: 1317875

1. Finally, this gorilla who knows the importance of a little TLC.

ID: 1312348

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