17 Dogs Who Understand How You Feel About Pizza

Drool at the simple mention of a cheesy, delicious slice? These guys get it.

1. “Pizza is my lifeblood. Just smelling it gets me going.”

ID: 1700448

2. “Yes, I do dress up as a superhero every year for Halloween.”

ID: 1733841

3. “Just a taste, just a taste of that sweet, sweet delight.”

ID: 1733922

4. “Pizza on the floor? Nope, not above it.”

ID: 1754671

5. “NOTHING compares to having a loved one feed you the juicy nectar of the gods.”

ID: 1754673

6. “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time…as long as pizza’s still pizza, I’m there.”

ID: 1733941

7. “Oh fuck yes, give this to me. Give me that delectable, cheesy goodness.”

ID: 1754674

8. “Yeah, I eat it backwards. It’s called ‘doggy style’…what? That term is already taken?”

ID: 1754689

9. “Get the fuck away from my pizza or I will end you. I will you end you right here with that wine bottle.”

ID: 1754692


ID: 1754701

11. “I like to savor the moment before I get exactly what I want. Sweet, sweet serenity.”

ID: 1754738

12. “Why must the world tease me so?”

ID: 1764478

13. “Don’t look at me while I devour this, there are some things you can’t unsee.”

ID: 1764523

14. “Look into my left eye, stare into my soul. Great, now you’re feeling sleeeepy, so sleepy that you will drop the pizza in 3, 2…”

ID: 1764526

15. “You call this shit pizza?”

ID: 1764530

16. “The lengths I go to for the sweet delight of a gooey, warm, delicious slice.”

ID: 1765364

17. “I always take things too far.”

ID: 1700532

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