17 Cats Who Just Realized They’re The Pet

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they just have to face the facts.

1. It all started when one cat postulated…

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2. Originally, many laughed at the proposition.

“That’s hysterical! Good joke, Barb. Good joke.”

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3. Eventually, the cat convinced them.

“No really. I made a deal to get this information.”

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4. “Well, shit.”

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5. Word spread quickly among the catmmunity.

“My brain can’t wrap my mind around it!”

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6. Some were speechless.


ID: 1389428

7. Stunned.


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8. Some handled it dramatically…


ID: 1389679

9. Some were downright appalled.

“That just…can’t…I…but…that’s disgusting.”

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10. Some brought up some valid counterpoints.

“But-but-I trained him to feed me!”

ID: 1389446

11. Some very good counterpoints…

“If I were the pet, why would she pick up my poop?”

ID: 1389455

12. Some got scared.

“If I knew I was the pet, I wouldn’t have left that hairball in the living room.”

ID: 1389478

13. Many reconsidered everything.

“Why has this giant never told me? Is that how he has made me a complacent prisoner?”

ID: 1389491

14. Even the small things were reconsidered.

“What’s next? This shark isn’t real either?”

ID: 1389619

15. Oh, and the self-doubt.

“If my whole life has been a lie, WHO am I??”

ID: 1389512

16. Flashbacks were common.

“She did put me in a box for a while and when it opened, I was in a doctor’s office. I forgave her for the mishap but maybe…she was in control the whole time.”

ID: 1389532

17. Luckily, some just didn’t care.

“Nobody owns this.”

ID: 1389767

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