5 Pinoy Foods You Should Try This Christmas

Christmas (or “Pasko” in Tagalog) is one of the best holidays of the year. Like in other countries, Filipinos also got there own list of must-eat foods in this coming holiday. Try out some of this food picks:

1. Bibingka

filipinasoul / Via filipinasoul.com

Pinoy version of Rice Cake

2. Puto Bumbong

pinaybytes / Via http://www.pinaybytes.com

Traditionally made from a special variety of heirloom sticky or glutinous rice called Pirurutong which has a distinctly purple color, soaked in salted water and dried overnight and then poured into bumbong or bamboo tubes and then steamed until done or steam rises out of the bamboo tubes.

3. Sapin Sapin

heritagehotelmanila / Via heritagehotelmanila.blogspot.com

Sapin-sapin is a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert in Philippine cuisine.

4. Castañas

robirobster / Via robirobster.tumblr.com

Castañas or Chestnuts

5. Lechong Baboy

atasteofmylife / Via atasteofmylife.com

The dish features a whole roasted pig cooked over charcoal. The word lechón originated from the Spanish term lechón; that refers to a suckling pig that is roasted.

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