Why Dachshund Puppies Should Be Your New Favorite Puppies

You can have your corgis, I’m sticking with these short-legged pups.

1. They come in different colors.

ID: 1315531

They maintain their cuteness in a variety of settings

ID: 1315558

2. They love making new friends

ID: 1315572

3. They look oddly adorable in beds.

ID: 1315590

5. And just sleeping, wherever.

ID: 1315593

7. They know how to pull off wearing a sweater

ID: 1315603

9. They are excellent at playing Peek-a-Boo

ID: 1315611

11. And are always willing to offer a helping hand

ID: 1315626

He volunteers.

ID: 1315634

13. Honestly, what’s not to love!??!

ID: 1315615

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