The Typical Timeline For Setting Up A Skype Session

We’ve all been there.

1. So you’re stalking some old friends and foes on facebook and suddenly realize that it’s been months since you last spoke to somebody from that era that you actually like. So of course:

ID: 1820254

2. You can just imagine your old friend getting this message

Who wouldn’t be excited to talk to you?

ID: 1820268

3. But days go by with no response

And you thought you had something together!

ID: 1820284

4. But lo and behold, a couple days later

ID: 1820295

5. And you’re like, “Yep, still got it”

ID: 1820301

6. But then it turns out that they can’t do Saturday evening, or Sunday afternoon and they have yoga at 7 on Monday.

So.. what I’m getting from this is that you AREN’T free “pretty much all the time”

ID: 1820361

7. But despite all the struggles, you finally set it for Friday at 5:30pm

“Text me if I’m not on just in case!”

ID: 1820369

8. Then suddenly its Sunday evening

ID: 1820388

9. They’re totally gonna think you hate them now…

So much for reconnecting

ID: 1820397

10. Although…. they never did text you…

Which means they forgot too!

ID: 1820569

11. Take a load of guilt off your shoulders

ID: 1820658

12. You’re the proactive one this time, so you try again

ID: 1820585

13. And you can just see them reading this

Because you both know that this is all just a part of the “Skype-dance”

ID: 1820595

14. So finally, two weeks later, you’ve managed to find another time that works.

And this time, you will NOT forget.

ID: 1820612


And it’s all kinds of awesome to catch up with your old friend.

ID: 1820635

16. And you will most certainly Skype again at least once a month from now on!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

ID: 1820640

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