So You’re Going To The Gynecologist!!!

It’s been long over due and a lot has happened since your last visit. While you’re suppose to go every 6-12 months you haven’t been in like…..years. So you buck up and make an appointment to get you’re vagina monster looked at.

1. First you get there and wait

AND wait….and wait …and wait. Probably for about 20-30 minute. Like, don’t even bother to try coming early.

2. AND because vaginas are what babies come out of, that waiting room will be full of pregnant women and loud babies like this one.

3. Then the nurse comes and get’s you and you’re like….

4. As soon as you walk into the back room you’re asked if you’re pregnant.

You assume they think you’re fat.

5. Opps something came up with your female doctor, you’re now seeing a male doctor instead.

6. Expectation:

A super handsome doctor that will make you feel oh so comfortable.

7. Reality:

This old guy who will judge you.

8. Then you’re told to wait in the examination room wearing a robe and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.

9. and just when you start to get comfortable

10. The doctor comes in and tells you to spread them

good times….

11. You decide to crack a joke to lighten the mood

12. But then they stick the speculum in and you’re like

13. Oh this is what the speculum looks like

no it’s not the bill of robot duck…..

14. But before you know it it’s all over and you can go home

15. But honestly it’s not that bad and it’s important to get you’re vagina monster checked regularly.

16. And don’t be afraid to ask questions

After all you’re vagina monster is a mysterious place.

17. Besides what’s the worst that could happen?

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