Here’s An Insane North Korean Anti-American Propaganda Video

America: where we’ve devoured all the birds in the sky, and the biggest treat you can have is coffee made out of snow.

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ID: 979660

2. How Americans Live Today!

ID: 979757

3. Buying Guns To Kill Each Other, Especially Children!

ID: 979760

4. Everyone Is A Drug Addict!

ID: 979772

5. Because Houses Blow Away In The Wind, People Live In Tents!

ID: 979765

6. The Tents Collapse All The Time, So The Red Cross Provides Curtains And Supplies Donated From North Korea!

ID: 979784

7. There Are No Birds In The Trees, Because Americans Have Killed Them All To Make Soup!

ID: 979793

8. The Government Subsidizes Meals Of Hot Snow, For Which Americans Are Grateful!

ID: 979816

9. Another Staple Of American Diets: Coffee Made Of Snow!

ID: 979806

10. Because It Snows All The Time, The Poor, The Cold, The Lonely, And The Homosexual Huddle Together For Warmth!

ID: 979840

11. Thank Goodness For The Generous North Korean Camera Crew, Who Gave These Poor Americans Cake!

ID: 979850

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