A Preview Of “Supernatural” Season 9

Saving people, hunting things: the family business. Looks like the upcoming season will be full of massive guilt, pain, and flirting.

1. Yesterday we got a sneak peek of Season 9. WHO’S READY?!

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2. (Actual GIF of the Supernatural fandom when the sneak peek leaked.)

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3. In case you were wondering, yeah: this season is going to hurt.

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4. It looks like (surprise!) Dean gets beat up a lot.

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5. Obviously Sam hasn’t been through enough in the previous eight seasons, so at some point he wakes up in a hospital.

Yeah, looks like it’ll be another healthy year for the Winchesters.

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6. But hey, at least the Winchesters have each other. Probably. We hope.

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7. Of course Castiel, the sassiest (former) angel in the garrison is back! And HUMAN!

And…bloody. :(

ID: 1617223

8. However, there’s gonna be a scene where he strips to do laundry, so hey. We’ll take what we can get.

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9. Also, the newly human Cas looks longingly at a vending machine the way Dean Winchester looks at pie and porn.

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10. Some of our favorite characters will put in appearances.

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11. That’s right: the sassy pizza-loving anthropomorphic personification of Death is back!

This could be good! Or bad. Okay, real talk: knowing this show, it’s probably gonna be bad. (Probably = definitely.)

ID: 1617238

12. Felicia Day is going to reappear as fan-favorite Charlie Bradbury.

Please don’t die please don’t die please don’t die.

ID: 1617364

13. The Winchester’s surrogate dad Bobby Singer is back!

ID: 1617355

14. Unfortunately….


…he’s still dead. Bummer.

ID: 1617358

15. And you remember Abaddon, right? Sure you do. How could you forget those gorgeous (and demonic) red locks?

ID: 1617260

16. Well, she’s back and Dean (obviously) flirts with her while she beats him up.

ID: 1617378

17. Let’s not forget Crowley, the reigning King of Hell. Last time we saw him, he was well on his way to becoming human.

Still can’t see him ever wearing a flower crown, though.

ID: 1618016

18. But now we have to wait until October for the season to premier and basically…

ID: 1617218

19. P.S. Adam’s still in Hell because no one saved him.

He’s been there for 1,215 days and counting. Sorry.

ID: 1617326

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