What Would Peggy Olson Do?

Life getting you down? There isn’t a single problem Peggy Olson can’t solve. Because if you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation.

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1. Problem: You’re feeling suspicious and oddly competitive with a young, ambitious colleague who is super keen (and super annoying).

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What Would Peggy Do?

She would give this kid the opportunity to shine. Give them a chance to show their stuff. Everyone has been there (especially Peggy).

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2. Problem: You feel overlooked and that people aren’t taking you seriously.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She would sass everyone into submission. Be direct. Be assertive – or continue to be overlooked.

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3. Problem: Someone you know is complaining endlessly about their poor life decisions.

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What Would Peggy Do?

She would make it clear she doesn’t give a flying fuck.

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4. Problem: You’re feeling awkward at a party and you’re just not in the mood to be around people.

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What Would Peggy Do?

She’d suck it up, let loose and twist it. (With a drink, obvs.)

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5. Problem: Someone is taking out their bad day on you and you’re sick of it.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She’d quit letting everyone use her as a doormat for their damn feelings. Want someone to shut up? TELL THEM. Even if it’s Don Draper.

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6. Problem: Despite your best efforts, you still feel like senior staff (and even your parents) aren’t treating you like the grown woman you are.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She’d take advice from a trusted friend who is most definitely respected as a Lady. (And stop dressing like a little girl.)

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7. Problem: You’re nervous about starting something new – new job, new relationship, new city…

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What Would Peggy Do?

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Take everything she’d learned in the past, and use it to her advantage. You will be fine.

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8. Problem: You’re working late. It feels like you will never leave the office. Everything is wrong. EVERYTHING.

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What Would Peggy Do?

Crack open the emergency desk beer and carry on. You will get through this. (Also: order food in.)

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9. Problem: Someone is totally dragging you down with their negativity.

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What Would Peggy Do?

She’d tell them to get take their anxious bullshit somewhere else.

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10. Problem: Something very exciting has happened to you! But, you’re afraid your success might make someone else feel bad.

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What Would Peggy Do?

She would celebrate and voice her success, in her own way. How else will everyone know?! If someone wants to feel butthurt about your success, that’s their problem.

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11. Problem: You’re about to lose your shit in front of people who can absolutely not see you lose your shit.

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What Would Peggy Do?

LOSE YOUR SHIT IN PRIVATE. Express your frustration, but where no one else can see you.

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12. Problem: Your overly-needy friend keeps calling you, asking for advice.


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What Would Peggy Do?

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She wouldn’t answer. And if she did, she’d be like, “Oh sorry wrong number thanks bye.”

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13. Problem: Shit just got real. Something horrible just happened and you don’t know how to cope.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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KEEP IT TOGETHER, GIRL. Never lose hope. Never lose faith. Remember that something good is just around the corner. (Even if something bad will happen right after it. It’s a vicious cycle, life.)

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14. Problem: Someone is being super rude to you, and you’ve had enough.

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What Would Peggy Do?

Say how you feel and let them know it’s not OK. You deserve better than that.

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15. Problem: Your friends are all talking about the latest “cool” TV show, Game-of-Orange-Is-The-New-Sherlock, and you really, really don’t care for and think is awful – nay, the WORST.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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Don’t pretend to like something just for the sake of it. If they’re talking about a show you hate, just say so. Who cares?

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16. Problem: A friend is is super excited about a potentially horrific life decision they’re about to make. They’re so thrilled, but you know that their new life plan is A Very Bad Idea.

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What Would Peggy Do?

Just like your mother always told you: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Smile! Hug! But just keep your mouth shut. This is something they have to figure out for themselves.

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17. Problem: Your opinion is totally being ignored in a major decision being made at work or home. How can you get them to listen to what you’re saying?

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What Would Peggy Do?

INTIMIDATION. She would find a way of “changing the conversation” to get them to listen to what she had to say. Shock tactics, people! SHOCK TACTICS.

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18. Problem: You feel like you’re known as being The Office Bitch at work for riding everyone’s ass all the time, but you’re only trying to get them to be the best they can be.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She’d throw them a bone every once and a while. Not everyone can be as good as you, but they try.

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19. Problem: You’re in a fight with one of your best girl friends. Your feelings are hurt.

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What Would Peggy Do?

Hug it out, girls. Just hug it out. Then talk it out. It’s not worth it.

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20. Problem: Despite working your damn ass off, you can barely pay your rent. You need a raise, but you’re afraid to ask.

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What Would Peggy Do?

Peggy would ask. Get paid, girl. Don’t ask, don’t get. Simple as that. Same goes for when you start at a new place and they ask what your salary expectations are.

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21. Problem: There’s a 100% bullshit situation going on and everyone else seems totally fine playing along with it. Except you.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She’d call ‘em like she sees ‘em. And you should to.

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22. Problem: You’ve been single for a long time and you’re starting to feel lonely. Do you settle? Do you just date someone boring so you’re not alone?

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What Would Peggy Do?

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Get a fucking cat. Would you rather be alone or be with somebody who doesn’t get you that you don’t even like? Yeah. GET A CAT.

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23. Problem: One of your friends is freaking out and trying to drag you into some serious drama.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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Tell them to calm the fuck down.

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24. Problem: You’re going through some heavy shit, and someone asks if you’re OK?

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What Would Peggy Do?

Peggy would simply say she’s fine. Not everyone needs to know why you’re not fine. Peggy checks her shit at the door and soldiers on.

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25. Problem: Ignoring your sound advice, someone has gone and made a royal mistake and is begging for your help to clean it up.

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What Would Peggy Do?

She’d tell them to get a grip and sort out their own messes. You told them. YOU TOLD THEM.

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26. Problem: You’ve been presented with a big, exciting opportunity! But it involves potentially screwing over one of your friends. Do you stick by your morals or go in for the kill?

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What Would Peggy Do?

All’s fair in love and war. Peggy would do what she needed to do. Get the business in. Shut it down.

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27. Problem: You’re tired of fighting for a promotion and a raise. You’re tired of working yourself into the ground for a job you’re not appreciated in. Do you stay or go?

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What Would Peggy Do?

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If they don’t get how good you are, walk out the door. Why wait around or waste your time fighting a battle you can’t win?

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28. Problem: You are SUPER INTERESTED in someone and they are just NOT GETTING IT.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She’d go on and get it, girl. WERK.

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29. Problem: There’s a person in your life who is being absolutely useless. You’ve tried talking to them and giving them advice and feedback, but nothing is helping.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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She’d tell them to GTFO. Your time is precious and so is Peggy’s. Stop wasting time when there’s no return on investment.

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30. Problem: Your heart feels SO MANY FEELINGS and yet your head knows better. Basically, you’re a hot, emotional mess.

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What Would Peggy Do?

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Make the decision that’s best for you, even if it hurts. You might be sad for a while, but look out for yourself – if you don’t, who else will?

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31. Problem: You literally cannot take this shit any more. Everyone’s an idiot. EVERYTHING IS FUCKED.

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What Would Peggy Do?

She’d go to the movies. And, uh, relax.

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32. And when all else fails…

Peggy would get high.

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SO high.

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Here’s to you, Peggy Olson.

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