23 Struggles Only People Who Live In The Suburbs Will Understand

Sure you have a garden, a garage, a shed and fantastic local – but that doesn’t mean you don’t know struggle.

1. Getting the roofrack of your large, suburban vehicle stuck in the Waitrose car park.

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2. Your friends act like you live on the actual moon and therefore never come over, and you’re all like:


Zone 6 isn’t the end of the world, guys.

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3. You get to live near splendid people like this.

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And this.

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4. When you fall asleep on the Tube, you end up in Cockfosters. When you live in the suburbs and you fall asleep on the train, you could wake up in bloody Glasgow.

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5. And when you miss the last train home, you might as well just curl up and die.

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6. Because getting a taxi home is basically going to cost as much as your mortgage.

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7. You quite often will find dead things in your garden.


(But at least you have a garden. TAKE THAT HIP CITY DWELLERS.)

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8. There are so many old people.


Old people are great, but they are unsettling in large numbers.

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9. When you read about new, hip restaurants that are going to change the way people eat and drink forever and they are nowhere near you. EVER.

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10. Which means your fancy dinner options consist of this.

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Or this.

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11. There are many young families in the suburbs, but unfortunately these people have large prams and THINK THEY OWN THE PATH.

People with babies in prams who think they own the path are mega annoying.

— Harry Quick (@HarryQuickk)
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Nothing annoys me as much as people with prams why do they think they own the path?!

— brittcavill (@brittcavill)
ID: 2517815

Why do people with prams think they own the path,2 women walking side by side with prams don't budge to make way for other people #annoying

— Holly Murphy (@HollyMurphy91)
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12. All the kids have scooters!

Just seen 6 kids come round the corner on scooters. Are scooter gangs now a thing? #makeitso

— Matthew Currie (@cuzraz)
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13. And the adults are on kids’ scooters!

What is it with adults bowling round on kids scooters these days

— Joe (@Joe_Man_Joe)
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went to Kingston today and some old lady was casually riding a scooter, what the actual???

— // hemmo1996 // ☠♥ (@laurawwrra)
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15. The cafés are full of students checking Facebook and pretending to study so you can’t have your overpriced coffee and croissant in peace.

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16. The local nightclubs are of a unique calibre.

Boogie Lounge Epsom / Via facebook.com
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17. Unfortunately for you, everyone knows your name. The man at the curry restaurant sends you a Christmas card. The lady from the kebab shop gave you a wedding present.

“Hi I’d like to order a… yes, yes it’s me. Yes the usual. Do you need me postcode – no of course you don’t…”

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18. This is your local independent cinema*:

*not at all

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19. Foxes. Just… BLOODY FOXES.

Bloody great. Two foxes in my back garden. Stuck together, by their nether regions! The screeching is horrific!

— DarrenS (@Von_Schenk)
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Foxes fighting outside my window has bloody woken me up ... A good 10 mins they was at it

— Mel (@Qweenmelo)
ID: 2516822

the foxes outside are not helping ugh can they go somewhere else screaming their heads off like that it's bloody annoying go away

— tanya (@seabreezehxrry)
ID: 2516830

Bloody foxes kept me up! !! At one point there were 4 of them having a right dust up. Think its time for a fox fur lined coat

— Jason Alexander (@0wasp)
ID: 2516833


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22. And to top it all off, if you commute into London, every single morning of your life looks like this.

Overcrowding on Southwest trains, UK #southwest #trains #England

— R. Hobo (@RailYardHobo)
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23. And getting the last (drunk) train home means meeting very interesting people – whether you want to or not.

I'm on a train. 3 middle-aged ladies (quite drunk) are showing me everything they've just bought in the shops

— Craig Hamilton (@craigfots)
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It can be tough living the good life, but someone’s got to do it.


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