How Cambridge Welcomed The Tour De France Vs. How Yorkshire Welcomed The Tour De France

The Tour kicked off in Yorkshire on Saturday, and continues from Cambridge to London on Monday. The people of Yorkshire embraced the event just a touch more enthusiastically.

1. The starting line in Yorkshire.

Anthony Chappel-Ross/PA Wire

2. The starting line in Cambridge.

Cate Sevilla / BuzzFeed

5. Cycling fans in Yorkshire.

Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

7. Cafés in Yorkshire.

Lynne Cameron/PA Wire/Press Association Images

10. How fans get a good view in Cambridge.

11. Churches in Yorkshire.

14. Dogs watching the tour in Cambridge.

19. Decorations in Yorkshire.

23. The crowds in Yorkshire.

AP Photo/Christophe Ena

24. The crowds in the build-up to the start in Cambridge.

25. The crowds in Yorkshire.

Anthony Chappel-Ross/PA Wire

27. The crowds in Yorkshire.


31. But Yorkshire’s a hard act to follow.

James Maloney/Liverpool Echo

32. Next up on the tour: London!

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