40 Things Only Internet Feminists Will Understand

Being a feminist online can be absolutely amazing, but things can also get batshit crazy. Feminist ladies of the internet, this one’s for you.

1. When somebody refers to you as an “Internet Feminist”:

What does that even mean?

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2. When somebody with “conservative values” follows you on Twitter:

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3. When a fellow feminist you really like says something shitty in an article:

What is even happening?

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4. And then makes it even worse by being a dick about it on Twitter:

Please stop blocking everyone who disagrees with you on Twitter. So much for the Sisterhood, eh?

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5. When someone says “so much for the Sisterhood”:


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6. When one of your Facebook friends says something sexist:

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7. When you realise you’re actually related to that person:

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8. When you say something particularly badass and get loads of RTs:


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9. When you post a photo of your manicure on Instagram and you’re told to “check your privilege”:

I did it myself using ORGANIC FAIR-TRADE NAIL VARNISH. What else do you people want from me?!

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10. When Spotify unexpectedly unveils your un-feminist music choices to your Facebook friends:

ID: 1859942

11. And it’s hard to feel bad because the music is SO GOOD:

ID: 1859946


My feminist brain says no but my tapping foot says YES. This is the last time* I’m going to allow myself to listen to this.


ID: 1865592

12. When you realise feminists you thought were your friends are talking crap about something you wrote:

ID: 1859948

13. When people online make things about feminism when they don’t necessarily have to be:

Do we have to do this right now?! I just want to watch the VMAs…

ID: 1861802

14. When a male commentator on TV says something so feminist you want to hug him:

ID: 1859951

15. And then wonder why there wasn’t a woman on TV to talk about the same issue:

ID: 1859954

16. When another feminist tries to tell you the correct way to be a feminist:

ID: 1861906

17. When feminists are told to “stop complaining” on Twitter when raising a serious issue:

ID: 1859968

18. And then later the same week feminists are told they need to “speak up more”:

ID: 1859973

19. That time you had to Google “intersectional”:

ID: 1859981

20. That time you had to Google “Bechdel Test”:

ID: 1861110

21. And “CIS”.

ID: 1861239

22. And then drowned in a sea of guilt over your own privilege:


ID: 1861271

23. When you go to a feminist meetup and no one speaks to you:

It’s mostly because everyone is just a bit socially awkward but STILL.

ID: 1861444

24. When your favorite feminist follows you back on Twitter:

You like me! You really like me!

ID: 1861491

25. And then when you realise they’ve unfollowed you:

Was it something I said? (Yes.)

ID: 1861533

26. When you see women you really like being horrible to each other online:

Just stop it. STOP.

ID: 1865580

27. How you feel when you’re hanging out in the non-feminist parts of the internet:

ID: 1862004

28. When someone tells you what you’ve said isn’t feminist enough:

ID: 1861919

29. When the same five white feminists are on every panel, every list, and are asked to speak at every conference EVER:

How hard is it?!

ID: 1861551

30. When a feminist threatens to leave Twitter and the internet ONCE AND FOR ALL…

ID: 1861582


Peace out.

ID: 1861613

31. When a young girl reaches out to you because she wants to get more involved with feminism:

Start your blog, padawan. I will be your feminist spirit guide.

ID: 1861950

32. When a feminist you really like writes a book:

ID: 1861637

33. And then you discover you disagree with approximately two-thirds of it:

ID: 1861646

34. When your family doesn’t understand why you get so upset about “all that feminist stuff”:


ID: 1861677

35. When a guy mansplains feminism to you:

ID: 1861742

And you’re all like:

ID: 1861748

And then your awesome feminist friends on Twitter are all like:

ID: 1861767

36. When everyone starts freaking out and arguing over something you’ve written:

ID: 1861782

37. When a celebrity who totally is a feminist swears that she isn’t:


ID: 1861839

38. When you make the mistake of checking Twitter on a Sunday and all the feminists are fighting:

ID: 1861848

39. When your feminist buddies online see someone engaging with a troll:


ID: 1861859

40. When you meet awesome feminists online and they become your IRL friends:

That’s definitely the best part. That, and raising awareness of feminist issues, even if it is hard and awkward sometimes.

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Cate Sevilla is the UK managing editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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