10 Most Feared Celebrities (As Zombies)

The walking dead are coming down the red carpet…

1. Ke$ha

This chick keeps placenta in a necklace and claims to have had sex with a ghost… and she’s alive. What would undead Kesha do?

2. Miley Cyrus

Via wnd.com // Zombie Photo Booth

You think her tongue hangs out of her mouth a lot now…

3. Ozzy Ozbourne

He’s bitten the head off of a bat. Luckily, the little fellow was unconscious. Hopefully you’ll have already been knocked out when he comes after you.
(Sorry, he didn’t need to be zombi-fied)

4. Lady Gaga

Think how gross that meat dress would smell after 1,000 years.

5. Charlie Sheen

Via brainyquote.com // theguardian.com // Zombie Booth

“I’m an F-18 bro. And I’ll destroy you in the air.” Zombie-Sheen with a fighter jet is not something I want to witness.

6. Chuck Norris

Trying to fight the Walking Dead is difficult. Trying to take down the Kung-Fu Fighting dead? Consider yourself chopped.

7. Angelina Jolie

Much like Ke$ha, Angelina also carries around vials of bodily fluids. She’d be a hott zombie, but an intimidating one.

8. Steve Buschemi

Buschemi was born half zombie.

And in answer to your question, you don’t think Santa could be a zombie, too?

9. Gary Busey

Via celebritynetworth.com // zombie photo booth

Those big, fake horse teeth will sink right into your flesh.

10. Joan Rivers

Via thewrap.com // zombie photo booth

All that plastic will never deteriorate. You’ll never win.

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