17 Reasons Why Chris Christie Is The Tony Soprano Of Politics

These men know drama… and food.

1. He understands that what he says will be held against him.

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2. He has issues with women.

3. He does business in diners.

4. He’s not big on healthy habits.

6. He doesn’t listen to what you think, he tells you what you should think.

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7. He knows other bosses.

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8. When he tells you to fuggedaboutit you better fuggedaboutit.

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9. He understands that sometimes you have to go around the government.

10. He knows words like “Italian” and “New Jersey” can hold stereotypes.

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“They’re from New York. Snooki is from Poughkeepsie. They parachuted these losers into New Jersey.”

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11. He has a temper.

12. He tells you when he’s had enough.

13. He’s quick to laugh… at others.

14. He asks rhetorical questions.

15. Despite his power, he faces violent adversity.

16. He wants to avoid war.

17. He loves the ladies.

It’s been entertaining.

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