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This is a day for nerds of all types
For the lady nerds, 1981 - The Marriage of Diana and Prince Charles. (stay tuned pg. 90)
* Where: St. Paul’s Cathedral
* Congregation size: 3,500
* Global TV Audience: 750 million
* Lady Diana, 20. Prince Charles, 32.

For science nerds, 1958 - born today NASA the national aeronautics and space agency. (American Century 258)
*The Launch of Sputnik on October 4, 1957
*Started the Space Age and the Space Race.
*Development and foundation heavily involved President Eisenhower and Senator Lyndon Johnson
*the famous Space Act objectives have barely changed since it’s founding.

For history nerds, 1883 - Benito Mussolini
*Founder of Fascism
*total cunt
*wanted to restart Roman Empire. Didn’t
*Tiny penis

For music nerds, 1965 - The Beatles film “Help!” premiered in London.
*Help was the first song ever to start with the Chorus
*Film was goofy and hilarious
*Inspired by Marx Brother comedy with some new 70’s ironic flair (That is why it is actually a very important film in this history of film comedy)
*Scenes like the drying machine in the bathroom are inspired slapstick that would go on to influence films like Airplane and The Naked Gun.

For fashion nerds, 1953 - Tim Gunn
*Chief Creative Officer at Fashion Design at the Parsons New School for Design with Liz Clairborne
*Best On-Air Mentor of any reality series (Project Runway)
*Does voice over work for Disney
*BFA in Sculpture

For actual nerds, 1972 - Wil Wheaton
*Sometimes cosplays as Wesley Crusher to Comic Conventions
*Stand By Me
*Toy Soldiers
*The Big Bang Theory
*Super Awesome Twitter
*Super Awesome Youtube
*Sorry we painted you green Wil. We made you look like an alien. My bad.

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