Troian Bellisario And Patrick Adams Are Your New Favorite Couple

They’re both on hit shows, but did you know they’re a couple IRL? Update: They’re engaged!

This is Troian Bellisario. She plays Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars.

And this is Patrick J. Adams. He plays Mike Ross on Suits.

They’re a couple IRL.

They met in 2009 in LA when they were both cast in a play called Equivocation, before either Pretty Little Liars or Suits was in production. However, less than a year later they split for the usual reasons—conflicting schedules, distance, etc.

Right after they broke up, Patrick used every connection he could think of to get a very important audition.

“Troian broke up with me, and I didn’t want to break up,” Patrick says. “The next day, completely un-ironically, I got an audition for her show, for a very small part on her show. A part that, at that point in my career, I would not have typically gone out for, because it was like one day of work, on Pretty Little Liars… “I wanted her back, and so I went after that part with full force […] I prepared for this Pretty Little Liars audition more than I’ve prepared for anything in my life.”

Skip ahead to 4:19 to hear the story straight from Patrick’s own sweet lips.


Okay, moving on. It’s really important to remember that they’re not just adorable, pretty faces.

They’re also really funny!

An extra because TOBY!

Patrick’s caption: “my gift to you tweeterinterwebcyberspace…”

They know how to get dirty.

And they’re good at playing dress up.

From an interview with Troian:

I’ve been eating my body weight in mangoes since I’ve been here,” confessing she’s a big dried mango fan. “So when I got here, there was a bowl of dried mangoes—I ate it and I was like the happiest girl and like about an hour later, I was like crying on the bed, ‘My stomach is killing me!”

They build things together, like a life! And photo walls…


Update — Feb. 14, 5 p.m., ET: According the People, Troian and Patrick are engaged. Congrats you two!

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