20 Perfect Etsy Gifts For Book Lovers In Your Life

For all of the bibliophiles in your life.

1. 1. e.e. cummings Hand-Stamped Bracelet

For those who carry their hearts (and yours) on their sleeve.

ID: 3477111

2. 2. Recycled Book Cover Purse

The biggest question on everyone’s mind? “Can I fit a book inside my book purse?”

ID: 3477123

3. 3. Book Page Cufflinks

To dress as smart as you read.

ID: 3477490

4. 4. Minimalist Posters

Sometimes a picture’s worth a short story’s amount of words.

ID: 3477516

5. 5. Hollow Book Safe

What kind of book lover hasn’t wished for secret hollowed out book?

ID: 3477538

6. 6. Harry Potter-Inspired Flask

Warning: Polyjuice Potion not included.

ID: 3477699

7. 7. Moby Dick Brooch

Catch Melville’s enigmatic, elusive White Whale and pin him to your chest.

ID: 3477714

8. 8. Lord of the Rings TOMS

On a scale of one to Frodo, how much have you walked today?

ID: 3477746

9. 9. Cat in the Hat Bookmark

Reading isn’t a race / so here’s a bookmark to hold your place.

ID: 3477850

10. 10. The Fault In Our Stars Hair Tie

Hold my hair up, okay? Okay.

ID: 3477852

11. 11. Metal Book Ends

For when their bookshelves are all full.

ID: 3477939

12. 12. Book Clock

Finding time to read is easier than ever.

ID: 3478247

13. 13. Bukowski Quote Coasters

The closest you’ll get to sharing a drink with your favorite poetic lush.

ID: 3478257

14. 14. Literary Candles

Close your eyes and think of Jane Austen.

ID: 3478287

15. 15. Brontë Banner

For the person who has already found their Heathcliff.

ID: 3478301

16. 16. Laptop Sleeve

Your laptop is a wonderland.

ID: 3478310

17. 17. Wilde Cologne

This fragrance will never get old.

ID: 3478351

18. 19. Famous Closing Lines Poster

There are those who read the last sentence of a book, and there are those who hang said sentence on their wall.

ID: 3478372

19. 20. Dumbledore “Dreams” Pillows

Is there anything better than Harry Potter pillow talk?

ID: 3478420

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