10 Reasons Why Going Out With Chad Taylor Is The Best.

For all the idiot women who didn’t snap my man up before I did….sucks to be you.

1. 1. He does stuff like this:

2. 2. And this….

3. 3. He bares a striking resemblance to Hunter Thompson:

4. 4. And this guy….

This one is both sexually arousing AND freakish.

5. 5. His dog Boomer does stuff like this:

Comedy. Gold.

6. 6. Im Australian and he’s American, and he likes to pretend its the “accent’s fault”.

What she said: “does your tummy feel ok now?”

What I heard: “did you tell me if you like anal?”

…sometimes the accent makes for some interesting conversations.

(Chad Taylor’s Facebook status up-date 03/02/2014)

7. 7. This is the man on a night out.

Don’t tell me you don’t want to bone it, cos we both know that’s a lie.

8. 8. He knows how to satisfy the ladies.

The ceiling of the ladies bathroom at GasLamp DSM was sat-is-fied.

9. 9. You might know him from such reviews as this little winner:

Global domination.

10. 10. Because, ultimately, he’s an odd shoe wearing, knarley beard growing, photo bombing legend who I get to share a bed with. Happy Valentine’s Day Baby!!

The photo-bomb that started it all. Mitts off ladies, us Australian’s are a very stabby people.

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