10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship

Everything that happens the second after you see the relationship status change.

1. Drinking

Oh, you have a new girlfriend? Meet my new boyfriend, vodka.

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2. Food. So much food.

Because ice cream soothes a broken heart.

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3. Adele

You listen to Someone Like You over and over and over…

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4. Ice Cream

Looking exactly like this.

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5. Sex and the City marathon

Because no one has experienced hurt like you and Carrie Bradshaw.

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6. Bitching to your friends.

They hate your ex almost as much as you.

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7. Facebook (obviously)

Must know who she is. Must be prettier than her.

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Then you find couple pictures, vacation pictures, kissy pictures and get to…

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8. Superiority

And that bitch has a lazy eye in her profile photo. Probably.

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9. Realizing how amazing you are.

Well, you know… it’s true. So you turn off Adele and start listening to

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10. Beyonce

Sasha Fierce always wins after a breakup. And so do you.

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