16 Things Your Mom Says When She Joins Facebook

Wait, what is the purpose of a “wall” again?

1. Someone just poked me! What is that?

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2. I want to tell (insert gal pal’s name) something, but I don’t want the world to see it. Is there some sort of way I can send them something privately?

ID: 2713463

3. Why do people keep posting pictures of sad dogs and then writing a long story about it?

ID: 2713467

4. I thought the status bar was the search bar…

ID: 2713512

5. Look at all these old scanned pictures of me from college.

ID: 2713533

6. What is Farm Heroes Saga?

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7. How do I change my profile picture?

ID: 2713470

8. Why aren’t you and I friends?

Warner Bros. / Via reddit.com
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9. You wanna see what my high school boyfriend looks like now?

NBC / Via reddit.com
ID: 2713507

10. Who’s that boy in all your pictures?

ID: 2713488

11. I’m reuniting with all my sorority sisters! We all want to get our daughters together.

Netflix / Via vulture.com
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12. Can you walk me through uploading an album again?

ID: 2713570

13. I’m posting this on your wall! Check it out! (cue picture of cat)

ID: 2713576

14. (Friends name)’s boy turned out so cute. Have you ever thought about dating him?

ID: 2713581

15. How can I “tag” someone in my status?

ID: 2713584

16. Everyone just brags about their “hubby” on here.


ID: 2713595

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