22 Reasons Logan Lerman Is The Greatest Without Even Trying To Be

In honor of his upcoming birthday (thanks, IMDb!), a celebration of why Logan Lerman might just be the best thing that has ever happened.

1. He plays a demigod in the Percy Jackson series. AKA himself.

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2. He can rock a beachy wave.

Don’t you just want to run your fingers through that sick flow?

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4. He was adorable long before anyone even really noticed.

Why yes, that is him on the far left, playing Mel Gibson’s youngest son, William, in The Patriot.

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5. He also played Christian Bale’s son in 3:10 To Yuma.

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6. And Jim Carrey’s son in The Number 23. And Renee Zellweger’s son in My One and Only. Basically he’s played a lot of hot son-type characters.

God bless the stork that brought him along.

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7. He’s modest.

No, Logan. You’re wonderful.

ID: 2282412

8. He makes lunchtime a formal affair.

This picture’s makin’ me hungry, if ya know what I mean. (But also that sandwich looks really good.)

ID: 2282420

9. He looks you in the eyes when he clinks.

Millennium Entertainment

It’s 7 years of bad sex if you don’t, so, well, yeah.

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10. He’s got the cutest little smile.

ID: 2282447

11. And just look at that laugh!

ID: 2282610

12. He’s heard of the Three Musketeers. So, you know, he’s obviously well-read.

He also played D’Artagnan. But that’s beside the point.

ID: 2282465

13. He gives the best hugs.

ID: 2282469

14. He knows how to make the moves.


ID: 2282487

15. But he can also be a perfect gentleman.

How sweet. Also he is positively killing that side part.

ID: 2282495

16. He can go scruffy…

ID: 2282508

17. …Or keep it clean-shaven and classy.

ID: 2282524

18. Oh, and did we mention he’s Jewish?

That’s my favorite part. L’chaim!

ID: 2282539

19. He knows how to smize.

Tyra would be proud.

ID: 2282557

20. And more importantly, he can work the stage.

I mean, WERK it honey.

ID: 2282561

21. He understands the plight of the world/my life.


ID: 2282577

22. And he’s basically the greatest young actor to hit the silver screen since ever.

IMHO, that is.

ID: 2282582

I love you, Logan.

ID: 2282586

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