Top 12 Reasons Chelsea Handler Would Make The Perfect BFF

She’s known as the (only) queen of late night television. She’s raunchy and obscene, and she’d make one hell of a best friend.

1. She’s a four-time New York Times best selling author, with three books at #1.

2. Those best-selling books are all about sex, drugs and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

3. She’s got kick-ass friends, like Katie Couric.

4. And this lady.

5. Oh, and this adorable nugget.

6. Did we mention her boyfriend looks like this?

7. And he happens to be President & CEO of his own luxury property company.

8. And that’s him. And Kanye. Kanye West.

He’s definitely no gold digger.

9. Chelsea also brought us this smiley comedian.


10. Her co-workers love and care about her well-being.

A note left on Chelsea’s desk from her thoughtful assistant.

11. She cares about her talk show guests (no matter who they are).

12. And she certainly doesn’t care what anybody thinks about her. You go girl.

Yes, she had this photo taken of herself. That’s a true Jersey girl.

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