The ABC’s Of Student Living

Enjoy it whilst you can, ‘cos after this we’re going to have to live like real adults. Ugh.

1. A is for Alcohol.

Stereotypical? Maybe. True? Definitely.

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2. B is for Budgeting.

Why do things have to cost quite so much?

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3. C is for Council Tax.

And the inevitable ‘mares you’ll have trying to sort it out.

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4. D is for Dissertation.


ID: 1616549

5. E is for Eating

Yum, delicious student food. Oh YEAH.

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6. F is for Freshers.

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7. G is for Going Out.

It kinda feels required.

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8. H is for Hangovers.

We know that this is our own fault. But still, sympathy? Please?

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9. I is for Insomnia.

So much to do, so little time.

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10. J is for Juvenile Behaviour

Well, we may be a bit independent but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to be adults yet.

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11. K is for Kissing

Though there is basically no chance it will be like this.

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12. L is for Lectures

Just try and stay awake!

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13. M is for Moving Away From Home.

ID: 1616627

Big city, big lights, so many people. So few fields and sheep and cattle.

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15. N is for New Friends

ID: 1616631

16. O is for Organisation

Unfortunately necessary.

ID: 1616643

17. P is for Parent-free Living.

Maybe not always such a great thing.

ID: 1616652

18. Q is for Questions.

Name. Course. Where You’re Originally From. Over and over and over and over again.

ID: 1616665

19. R is for Reading.

So much course reading.

ID: 1616669

20. S is for Studying.

Exam panic, twice a year.

ID: 1616675

21. T is for Tutorials.

I wish I had something insightful and clever to add to this conversation but my brain appears to have forgotten how to think. Maybe if I just stare at the table and never raise my eyes. Yes, this is inconspicuous. Good.

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22. U is for Undergraduate.

Enjoy it whilst it lasts!

ID: 1616685

23. V is for Vodka.

Yeah, I know I’ve already said alcohol. But vodka deserves its own entry to be fair. It’s a staple of life.

ID: 1616695

24. W is for Walk Of Shame.

Oh, you naughty thing you.

ID: 1616700

25. X is for X-Rated Activities.

Best stay away from the Union on Rugby Boys Social Night.

ID: 1616715

26. Y is for Youtube

And the hours and hours you’ll spend watching different videos of cats.

ID: 1616706

27. Z is for Zebra And Other Fancy Dress Themes.

Why do so few words start with Z?

ID: 1616719

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