The Truth About All-Girl Catholic Schools

Because we are a bit different than your average woman.

1. What the public school system thinks we wear…

ID: 1382184

2. What we actually wear.

ID: 1382188

3. Everyone assumes our reaction to the male sex will be this…

ID: 1382198

4. …or this.

ID: 1382204

5. When in actuality, we kinda get like this…

ID: 1382212

6. And a little bit of this.

ID: 1382213

7. When it comes to political issues, like gay marriage, people think our response is this:

ID: 1382221

8. When its really more like this. After all, we go to an ALL-GIRL school.

ID: 1382223

9. The first time we venture into a bar in undergrad, and everyone is dancing like this:

ID: 1382236

10. At first we’re like:

ID: 1382240

11. But then we join in and we’re like:

ID: 1382242

12. What we absolutely consider every time we go shopping:

ID: 1382255

13. You would think we know how to acknowledge our friends when we see them in the hallways or outside of school…

ID: 1382261

14. …but we don’t.

ID: 1382263

15. When it comes to make up and hair, let’s just say neither is a top priority.

ID: 1382268

16. We’re more excited about food. Any food.

ID: 1382294

17. It takes us a while to understand proper etiquette in the real world, and we’re often told this:

ID: 1382317

18. The first time we’re asked out on a real date, and not set up on a blind date, we get a little too excited.

ID: 1382323

19. When someone finds out we attended an all-girl Catholic school, a game of 20 Questions starts. And we feel like this:

ID: 1382302

20. So go ahead and ask us those 20 questions—just think them through first, please.

ID: 1382343

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