13 Stylish Black Cats Teach You How To Wear Black

Happy Friday the 13th!

1. Don’t be afraid of going over-the-top.

ID: 230257

2. Juxtapose with flirty floral prints.

ID: 230268

3. Bring out your eyes with yellow accents.

ID: 230299

4. For an elegant nighttime look, accent with white.

ID: 230355

5. If you’re feeling flashy, make it sparkle.

ID: 230316

6. Work your right leg like Angelina Jolie.

ID: 230331

7. Use well-accessorized human as arm candy.

ID: 230379

8. Put a hat on it.

ID: 230400

9. Exercise caution around white substances.

ID: 230432

10. It’s okay to settle for an at-home manicure.

ID: 230440

11. Experiment with volume.

ID: 230446

12. Side cut-outs are always sexy.

ID: 230502

13. WORK IT!

ID: 230515

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