29 Things We Found Out About Tech In 2012

It was a weird year.

1. This is the worst job at Google.

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2. If a nightmare can kill you.

Illustration by Adam Setala for BuzzFeed.

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3. What it’s like to ride the Google bus.

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4. The tech boom hasn’t led to a sex boom in Silicon Valley.

Illustration by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed.

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5. What IS a tech bubble anyway?

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6. Facebook memes have a dark side.

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7. Facebook’s “frictionless” sharing sort of collapsed.

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8. Twitter is a truth machine.

ID: 775408

9. Twitter changed under our feet…

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10. …and it might ruin the funniest site on the internet

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11. Google had (arguably) the best social network on the web and killed it.

ID: 775377

12. Why we like Instagram.

ID: 775374

13. Why we hate Instagram.

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14. LinkedIn is the most depressing place on the web.

ID: 775848

15. Reddit’s founder is running for president of the Internet.

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16. Launching a startup is HARD, even with VC money.

ID: 775347

17. We talk funny now.

ID: 775364

18. Live sex is saving the porn industry.

Illustration by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed.

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19. Tech sounds beautiful when you slooooooow it doooooown.

ID: 775501

20. How to look at porn (and not leave a sticky trail behind).

ID: 775386

21. Jay-Z is a great listener.

ID: 775366

22. How Pong blew up gaming.

ID: 775587

23. Brands die; tattoos don’t.

Photo by Stephen Nigl.

ID: 775352

24. Why Microsoft’s tablet can’t fail (oops).

ID: 775373

25. This guy was a jerk.

ID: 775413

26. Pickup artists… Ew.

ID: 775595

27. Wikipedia is filled with weirdos.

ID: 775412

28. Nothing gets better, ever.

ID: 775370

29. Nothing matters. Nope, nothing.

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