C.C. The Sloth Makes An Adorable Appearance On The Today Show

The Staten Island sloth visited the Today Show and melted Matt Lauer’s cold cold heart.

C.C. stopped by the studio to spread slow moving joy to the world with her angelic face

She and the crew discussed some common sloth misconceptions and hit on a few fun facts, like how sloths have no body odor whatsoever.

Today show co-host Savannah had to give her a little sniff to verify that C.C. was indeed odor free. I imagine she probably smelled like sunshine and cotton candy and magic, but maybe thats just me.

Here’s C.C. hanging out backstage with zoologist Lucy Cooke, the woman behind the Bucket of Sloths video

Video available at:

Just in case anyone forgot why we love these slow moving angel faced animals…

WE LOVE YOU LUCY! Thank you for sharing all of your slothy goodness with the world

Nobody can resist C.C.’s charm

Guest appearance by Top Chef judge Gail Simmons! C.C. is NOT happy with the last elimination and had no qualms about letting Gail know.

Getting dolled up for her closeups

And can we talk about what a hunk C.C.’s handler is?

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