A How To For Women As Told Through “Game Of Thrones” Gifs

Turns out, there’s a lot women can learn from Game of Thrones!

1. How To Be A Boss

ID: 1269702

2. And…

ID: 1269710

3. How To Be Honest

ID: 1269715

4. How To Cut Loose

ID: 1269724

5. How To Discipline

ID: 1269734

6. How To Set Goals

ID: 1269822

7. How To Defy Expectations

ID: 1269830

8. How To Play Offense

ID: 1269847

9. How To Love…

ID: 1269836

10. …Unconditionally

ID: 1269839

11. How To Get Over A Broken Heart

ID: 1269862

12. How To Deal With Cheaters

ID: 1269893

13. How To Question Authority

ID: 1269902

14. How To Not Give A Fuck…

ID: 1269873

15. …At All

ID: 1269925

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