33 Times Khloé Proved She Was The Best Kardashian

We love them, we love to make fun of them. And we can all agree, Khloé’s the best one.

1. She’s the most relatable.



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2. She keeps it real.

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3. She’s not afraid to look crazy

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4. Or dumb.

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5. She’s not afraid to put Kim in her place.

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6. Ever.



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7. Really.

ID: 3681439

8. Or Momager Kris Jenner.

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ID: 3681459

10. Or, really, any member of the Kardashian family.

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11. In fact, she loves telling people to shut up.

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12. Again, loves it.

ID: 3675536

13. She’s okay with this.

Both Kris and Kim keep a framed copy of Khloé’s mugshot in their homes.

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14. She’s self-deprecating.

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15. She gets it.

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16. She owns who she is.

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17. Really owns it.

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18. And encourages others to be who they are.

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19. Still, she has standards.

ID: 3675933

20. She’s not afraid to correct you.



ID: 3681488

21. She’s honest.

ID: 3675653

With herself and others.



ID: 3681493

22. She tells it like it is.

ID: 3675954

23. Even when it comes to herself.

ID: 3676007

24. She asks the important questions.

ID: 3675713

25. She shows emotion.

ID: 3675717

26. She’s in-touch with the real world.




Well, at least the pop culture world.

ID: 3681496

27. She’s in touch with the millennial world.

ID: 3676018

28. She’s candid.

ID: 3675805

29. She says what no one else in the family will.

ID: 3676104

30. Her threats seem legitimate.

ID: 3676073

31. She eats ramen.

ID: 3676040

32. She knows she’s the role model of the family.



ID: 3681508

33. She teaches life lessons.

ID: 3676029

Even Kim knows it.

ID: 3675133

So does Kourtney.

ID: 3675152

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