These Guys Take Zip-Lining To A Whole Other Level And It’s Sure To Make Your Heart Stop

Go to the restroom before you watch this video, because you’ll definitely pee in your pants.

1. YouTuber Devin Graham is back with an all-new video, and this time, they’re zip-lining from 800 feet above Panama City.

Devin Graham / Via
ID: 3531984

2. For this stunt, athlete Marshall Miller and his team of five scaled down a 2,000 foot zip-line, released off the line at the halfway point, and parachuted the rest of the way down.

Devin Graham / Via
ID: 3532167

3. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Graham said, “This took a lot of planning. It was a big scale production. This was definitely one of the bigger ones we’ve done.”

Devin Graham / Via
ID: 3532251

4. You can watch behind-the-scenes footage of the entire production here:

Devin Graham / Via
ID: 3532275

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