Watch This Dad Let His Son Attempt To Hit Him On The Head With A Soccer Ball Every day

Ninth time’s a charm.

1. In honor of this year’s World Cup, this dad decided to let his son kick a soccer ball from one end of the garden to the other in an attempt to nail him on the head. It’s safe to say that this dad is pretty awesome.

Shane Todd / Via
ID: 3270238

2. At first, Shane was a little bit off, and didn’t even come close to hitting his dad in the head.

Shane Todd / Via
ID: 3270382

3. But as days went on, he was getting closer and closer…

Shane Todd / Via
ID: 3270389

4. … Like really, really close.

Shane Todd / Via
ID: 3270395

5. Running out of faith and frustrated with the results, he decided to use his little brother for some target practice.

Shane Todd / Via
ID: 3270409

6. Finally, on Day 9, he did what he thought was impossible and nailed his dad right in the head.

Shane Todd / Via
ID: 3270433


Shane Todd / Via
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