This Guy Ran Around New York City Giving People Red And Yellow Cards For Social Infractions

Obey the rules or face the consequences.

1. YouTube user Yoni Lotan ran around the streets of New York and gave people red and yellow cards for social faux pauxs. Finally there’s someone keeping the city under control.

Yoni Lotan / Via
ID: 3315242

2. He started off by giving this couple a card for taking a selfie.

Yoni Lotan / Via
ID: 3315292

3. Then he gave this train a yellow card for making him late.

Yoni Lotan / Via
ID: 3315308

4. He even gave this Mario impersonator a red card for being fake.

Yoni Lotan / Via
ID: 3315336

5. But when he tried to give this girl a card, she wasn’t having it.

Yoni Lotan / Via
ID: 3315400

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