This Dancing Pitbull Is Probably More Coordinated Than Most Of Us

Are dogs allowed on So You Think You Can Dance?

1. Watch the full routine here:

Alex Zhardanovsky / Via
ID: 3264673

2. The choreography starts off with a basic rolling-on-the-floor trick.

Alex Z. / Via
ID: 3264772

3. Which then leads to the pup walking like a human on his two hind legs.

Alex Z. / Via
ID: 3264777

4. Followed by him weaving around his partner’s legs like they’re traffic cones…

Alex Z. / Via
ID: 3264784

5. He continues the routine by showing a little bit of coordination.

Alex Z. / Via
ID: 3264848

6. And even gets to demonstrate his balancing skills…

Alex Z. / Via
ID: 3264869

7. You, ma’am, have got one talented pup.

Alex Z. / Via
ID: 3264922

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