The Way This Girl Moves With A Hula Hoop Is Completely Mesmerizing

So much swag.

1. Remember the girl that choreographed an insane hula hoop routine to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and landed herself on The Queen Latifah Show? Well now she’s back, and she has yet another jaw-dropping hula hoop routine for us.

Rachael Lust / Via
ID: 3232337

2. Rachael Lust, a 26-year-old mom from Ohio, has been hula hooping since July of 2011. Rachael told BuzzFeed that she’s been practicing every single day for the past three years… and she doesn’t plan on stopping.

Rachael Lust / Via
ID: 3233376

3. For this particular video, she spent three whole days shooting around Ohio, and another two days sitting in front of a computer and piecing it together.

Rachael Lust / Via
ID: 3233402

4. It seems like all of the work paid off because since uploading this video, Rachael has booked herself a few more opportunities that she is “very excited” about.

Rachael Lust / Via
ID: 3233427

5. Keep doing what you’re doing, girl… Cause it’s awesome!

Rachael Lust / Via
ID: 3232369

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