This Guy Gave His Girlfriend The Best Birthday Present Ever

Fellas, take notes.

1. Last December, YouTuber Jack Harries decided to give his girlfriend Ella the birthday surprise of a lifetime. And he had to travel quite a ways to do it.

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2. Ella was in Sydney, and Jack was in London. One day, on a Skype call, Ella jokingly challenged Jack to book a flight to visit her without disclosing any details.

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3. And since it was Ella’s birthday in a few days, Jack decided then and there to drop everything and go visit her.

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4. The trip from London to Sydney was no joke. First, there was a ten-hour flight to Hong Kong…

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5. Followed by an eight-hour layover…

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6. Then another ten-hour flight to Sydney.

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7. After traveling for more than 28 hours, Jack finally made it to Sydney, where he gave Ella a birthday present she’ll never forget.




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8. It’s safe to say that Ella and Jack had an amazing time in Sydney together.

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