This GoPro Footage Of “Kama The Surfing Pig” Will Make You Wish You Were Hanging Ten In Hawaii

One roundtrip ticket to Oahu, please.

1. This is Kama The Surfing Pig. He’s the unofficial mascot of Sandy Beach in Hawaii, and he loves to hang ten on his free time.

GoPro / Via
ID: 3543594

2. According to his owner, Kama’s favorite waves are “Hawaiian Style,” which usually range from 3-4 feet.

GoPro / Via
ID: 3543650

3. Aside from surfing, Kama also loves his ladies…

kamathesurfingpig / Via
ID: 3543655

4. Lots…

kamathesurfingpig / Via
ID: 3543658

5. And lots…

kamathesurfingpig / Via
ID: 3543664

6. Of ladies.

kamathesurfingpig / Via
ID: 3543666

7. But at the end of the day, Kama is still a pig, and he still likes to get down and dirty with good, old fashioned dirt.

GoPro / Via
ID: 3543688

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