Even DMX Screams Like A Terrified Child On This Scary Amusement Park Ride

Street cred? What street cred?

1. While at Magical Midway in Orlando, the “Party Up (Up In Here)” rapper decided that it would be a good idea to ride something called the Slingshot.

Best Bruno Videos / Via

2. However, once he got on, his excitement quickly turned to terror…

Best Bruno Videos / Via

3. So he tried to hide how scared he was by throwing out a few trademark phrases and grunts…

Best Bruno Videos / Via

4. But even that couldn’t stop him for making his “OH SHIT” face.

Best Bruno Videos / Via

5. D, just admit it… you were genuinely scared.

Best Bruno Videos / Via

6. For your viewing pleasure, listen to the remixed version of the video by Mike Relm:

Mike Relm / Via

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