Then Vs. Now: Disneyland

An amazing photo collection from Imagineering Disney compares vintage photos of the Disneyland with current ones.


Walt Disney in front Sleeping Beauty Castle (circa 1966).


Walt Disney at the opening day dedication, July 17, 1955.


The Maxwell House Coffee House, originally opened with the park in 1955. It closed two years later.


The former Main Street Candle shop, it operated from 1955-1971. They reportedly stocked over 75,000 candles.


New Tomorrowland 1967 vs. new Tomorrowland 1998. Both years are the only two times Tomorrowland has been remodeled since the park opened in 1955.


This Rocket Jets opened in 1967 as part of the new Tomorrowland and was located above the PeopleMover station. The attraction closed in 1997.


Walt supervising the construction of Storybookland Canals (1956).


Pendleton Woolen Mills, was one of the longest-running original participants of Disneyland, they operated their store from opening day until 1990.


The remains of a petrified tree that once stood in Pike Forest Fossil Beds, CO. The tree is believed to be between 55 million and 70 million years old and was placed in Disneyland in 1957.

For more photos check out Imagineering Disney.

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