"Stop The Madness" Was "We Are The World" Of Anti-Drug PSAs

The ‘80s taught us that anything can be accomplished through an all-star music video.

1. Throughout the 1980s, the Reagan administration, championed by First Lady Nancy Reagan, worked to raise awareness of the ever-growing epidemic of drug use (particularly cocaine and crack) among young people and children.

Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library
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2. In 1985, endorsed and supported by President Reagan and his administration, the music video “Stop the Madness” was created. It featured an all-star musical cast and cameos.

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3. Among the all-star cast? New Edition…

ID: 998137

4. …LaToya Jackson…

ID: 998166

5. …and Whitney Houston.

Oh, Whitney, why didn’t you heed your own advice?

ID: 998164

6. With cameos from First Lady Nancy Reagan…

ID: 998186

7. …Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…

ID: 998195

8. …Arnold Schwarzenegger…

ID: 998181

9. …and a talking David Hasselhoff poster.

Also, why is she more freaked out by the poster than the drug dealer living in her closet?

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10. Of course, no ’80s PSA is complete without some cheesy clichés:

ID: 998227

11. The word “drugs” glamorized in neon.

ID: 998176

12. Drug dealers being driven around in white stretch limos.

This is so Miami Vice!

ID: 998179

13. The eventual freak-out.

ID: 998168

14. And that everything gets solved by a “Fame”-style street dance.

ID: 998185

16. “Stop the Madness” music video:

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