“Sex And The City’s” 29 Most Ridiculously Outdated Fashion Moments

We need to have a conversation about rhinestone-studded bandanas.

1. When Carrie suffered an unfortunate Paris Hilton-esque Juicy Couture phase.

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2. Where would you wear Carrie’s flared cargo capris to now?

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3. What would happen now if someone wore a rhinestone-studded bandana?

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4. Miranda, dressed like a Backstreet Boy.

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5. What happened to the rest of the lost episodes where Carrie became BFFs with JLo?

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6. Is Charlotte wearing some kind of Ugg–Juicy Couture shearling coat hybrid?

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7. Was it ever really appropriate to go out to dinner with a bare midriff? Dunno! But it looks hella weird!

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8. Miranda: That shirt. THAT SHIRT!!! Charlotte: Your love for the ’90s J. Crew catalog is apparent.

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9. It’s a Burberry bonanza! And Carrie, good job on your early ’90s power suit. Close that deal!

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10. Charlotte, definitely fallen into The Gap.

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11. So New York ’90s: Everyone in black, coral lipstick, and hating the world.

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12. What Ugg-like monstrosity hath Carrie wrought? Oh, the 2000s. A dark time for footwear.

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13. Here’s a “grown-up” Sk8er Boi ensemble? I think?

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14. This happened during that whole Madonna Music era… a time when it was briefly OK to dress like an urban cowgirl.

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15. Carrie’s signature flower, which we all copied at some point or another. It felt right at the time.

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16. Didn’t everyone have about a million of these Urban Outfitters tank tops? What ever happened to those?

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17. Samantha Jones, lost Destiny’s Child member.

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18. So early 2000s.

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19. I feel like this definitely came from Talbot’s.

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20. I don’t even know what to say.

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21. OK. We get it. You wear logos. You have money. (That was a whole thing.)

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22. You look slammin’, I’ll give you that. But it’s been a while since Jennifer Lopez said it was OK to wear this.

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23. For pleated pantssakes, why did no one stage a fashion intervention with Miranda?

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24. Charlotte just can’t get enough Burberry tartan in her life.

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25. UGH, a ruched spaghetti strap dress, made even more horrendous by the snakeskin print.

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26. Baggy khakis + tube top

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27. Why, in the early 2000s, did we feel the need to belt everything?

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28. Still confused about the whole corset trend. (Doesn’t it hurt?)

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29. Even though everything about this is so dated, it’s the best moment ever.

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