"Noxzema Girl" Was Rebecca Gayheart’s Biggest Contribution To The ‘90s

Her face belonged to Noxzema and also Jared Leto.

1. Rebecca Gayheart starred in some pretty classic ’90s projects….

Aaron Spelling Prod. / Courtesy: Everett Collection
ID: 1009225

2.Beverly Hills 90210 ….

Everett Collection
ID: 1009212

3.Urban Legend….

Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection
ID: 1009217

4.Scream 2

Everett Collection
ID: 1009222

5. …and of course, Jawbreaker.

ID: 1009203

6. But, her biggest contribution to the decade is the being face of Noxzema.

ID: 1009099

7. Rebecca landed the ad campaign in 1991.

ID: 1009105

8. She continued being the face of Noxzema till 1993. The ad campaign earned her the nickname of “The Noxzema Girl.”

ID: 1009109

9. Rebecca’s break into the television was with the commericals for Noxzema.

ID: 1009130

10. She also starred in one with Jared Leto:

ID: 1009103

11. This is the commercial that inspired Cher Horowitz to say “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?”:

ID: 1009102

12. Never Forget. She was also the “Glints Girl”:

ID: 1009104

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