Dolly Parton & Miss Piggy Hanging Out Together Will Make Your Day Better

Wigs, makeup, and pink lamé.

Dolly was a TV variety show that ran on ABC during the ‘87-‘88 season featuring Dolly Parton. Guest stars on the show included Bruce Willis, Patti LaBelle, Tom Petty, Tom Selleck, Oprah Winfrey and…

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…Miss Piggy, who actually made several appearances on the show in a plot to become the next big country star.

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Check out these five videos of Miss Piggy’s appearances on Dolly, which I can almost guarantee will make your day better.

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1. Miss Piggy attempts to take over Dolly:

ID: 1033748

2. Dolly and Miss Piggy duet on “Friendship”:

ID: 1029957

3. Miss Piggy and Dolly banter:

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4. Dolly checking out Miss Piggy’s “gone country” trailer:

ID: 1029956

5. Dolly & Miss Piggy performing “Hog For Your Love”:

ID: 1029958

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