23 Years Of Awesomely Geeky Lucasfilm Christmas Cards

My only question: How do I get on Lucas’ mailing list?!

1. 1978: The first official Lucasfilm Christmas card, featuring C-3PO and R2-D2 shopping in what appears to be 19th-century London (?).

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

2. 1979: Santa C-3PO where are your pants?

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

3. 1980: This card shares the same artwork as the infamous Star Wars Christmas album, Christmas in the Stars.

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

Wait, did we ever get an answer on what you can get a Wookiee for Christmas (when he already owns a comb)?

4. 1981: Yoda spreading the Christmas spirit.

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

5. 1982: I never knew that Yoda was vanity license plate type of guy.

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

6. 1983: Just like me, those Ewoks are terrified of that Santa Ewok!

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

7. 1984: Burning a fire inside their treehouse, those Ewoks weren’t the brightest creatures in the galaxy far, far away.

Lucasfilm / Via

8. 1985: This appears to be a Droids and Ewoks crossover card.

Lucasfilm: Design by Bunny Carter / Via

9. 1986: The Ewoks building a snowman in the image of their god, C-3PO.

Lucasfilm: Design by David Craig / Via

10. 1994: I bet those Jawas just re-gifted trash they found around Tatooine.

Lucasfilm: Design by Ralph McQuarrie / Via

11. 1995: I think I got this ornament at Hallmark?

Lucasfilm: Design by Peter Chan and Daniel Colon, Jr. / Via

12. 1996: This Santa is my kind of scum.

Lucasfilm: Design by Paul Mica / Via

13. 1998: I don’t even want to know what R2-D2 is looking up!

14. 1999: Who the fuck invited Jar Jar?

Lucasfilm / Via

15. 2001: A Wookie recreation of the E.T. poster.

Lucasfilm: Design by Kathryn Otoshi / Via

16. 2002: Clearly, Yoda was not talking about the Attack of the Clones.

Lucasfilm: Design by Jim Filippi / Via

17. 2003: A pensive Yoda, looking into the great beyond.

Lucasfilm: Design by Kathryn Otoshi / Via

18. 2004: I see all the Lucasfilm’s movies on this card, except Howard the Duck. Where’s Howard?!

Lucasfilm: Design by ILM’s Kelly Hawkins. / Via

19. 2005: Damn, that’s cold, even at the Nighthawks diner droids aren’t welcomed.

Lucasfilm: Design by Erik Tiemens and Ryan Church / Via

20. 2007: On the 30th day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 30 Imperial Stormtroopers caroling.

Lucasfilm: Design by Lorraine LeBer

21. 2009: Ugh, gingerbread men cookies are the worst.

Lucasfilm: Design by Harrison Parker and Kelly Smith

22. 2010: What?

Lucasfilm: Design by Troy Alders

23. 2011: Jabba The Snowman

Lucasfilm: Artwork by ILM’s Devon Cutler

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