15 Questions "Jurassic Park" Left Unanswered

It’s been 20 years since the movie came out and I need some closure.

1. How did they clone extinct plants?

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2. How would they know what species’ DNA they had?

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3. How much is it really going to cost to visit this park? Remember they “spared no expense.”

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4. Does the sick triceratops get well again?

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5. With all the months Nedry spent working on the island, wouldn’t he know what kind of species of dinosaur he was dealing with?

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6. How did Dr. Grant come up with his theory for a T. rex’s vision?

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7. So famous plot hole: Why is the T. rex on flat terrain when it breaks through the fence, but when it pushes the car over the edge, there’s a huge hundred-foot crevasse?

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8. Couldn’t the jeep easily have outrun the T. rex? Earlier in the film Hammond mentions the fastest the T. rex could run was 32 miles per hour.

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9. Was this shot really necessary?

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10. With all the fences down, why would Ray Arnold head to the maintenance shed alone?

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11. Why did Tim climb the fence? He clearly could have fit between the wires.

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12. Who made all this food?

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13. Why didn’t Tim hand Ellie the shotgun?

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14. How did the T. rex sneak into the visitors center?

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15. Why did they drive all the way back to the helicopter pad? Couldn’t they have been rescued inside the park?

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